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anti-age cream

50 ml

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Product Description

Your anti-aging cream fights the signs of aging and brightens your skin. It also contains sunscreen!

  • Formulations are completely custom-made.

  • The product is fragranced as you prefer.

  • The product is personalized with your name.

  • Refill option available.

Fa parte dei prodotti 2in1:
2 formule diverse in un prodotto,
una per la zona T e una per la zona U.


Gradually reduces wrinkles

Brightens the skin

Lifting effect



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Amount to Use

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A walnut-sized amount

Frequency of Application

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Twice a day, morning and evening after cleansing

Area of Application

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On the forehead and nose massage the formula contained in the T-shaped chamber, while on cheeks and chin use the formula in the U-shaped chamber. Avoid the eye area.


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For a boost effect, apply a serum containing 5% niacinamide before the cream


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Your custom formula may contain, in different dosages, depending on your skin's characteristics:

  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: anti-aging and moisturizing
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant and anti-aging
  • Peptides: increase collagen production

Crea la tua formula su misura per scoprire la lista ingredienti del tuo prodotto


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Can I use the product at any age?

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Yes, since the formula is custom-made from scratch. We are able to include the most suitable active ingredients for your skin, selected based on your age and always in the right amounts.

What does 2IN1 mean?

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T.U.O. refers to a specific feature in some products that have a dual chamber inside the jar, containing two different formulations—one for the T-zone (forehead) and one for the U-zone (cheeks and chin). These two formulations are custom-made from scratch based on the scientific characteristics of your skin and your needs.

Are the products truly custom-made?

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Yes, 100%. Our innovative patented process allows us to quickly formulate and create custom-made products for the user, starting from a combination of scientific and sensory data, collected simply and intuitively on our website.

Do the products contain parabens?

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No. All our products are free of parabens, benzoates, and petrolatum. The quality of the active ingredients is guaranteed by the traceability of the raw materials.

Where are the cosmetics produced?

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All our products are entirely made in Italy, inside the laboratories of our company. A facility that could cover the particular needs of custom product production did not exist, so we created it ad hoc internally.

What is the shelf-life of the products?

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If not opened and properly stored, they have a shelf-life of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Once opened, they should preferably be used within 6 months, as indicated in the PAO on each bottle or jar.

Can I use the products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

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Yes, none of our products have contraindications.

Does this product contain a sunscreen?

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Yes, this product contains a sunscreen because UV rays, particularly UVA rays, cause skin aging.

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